20th Annual AVCA Conference & VC Summit

9 AOÛT 2023

Johannesburg, South Africa

With the theme of Embracing Change: Shaping the Next Era of Africa’s Prosperity, the Conference & the VC Summit are set to explore the evolving nature of the private capital ecosystem and envision what the next two decades of private capital in Africa could look like. Taking a forward-looking approach, the conference dialogue will focus on fostering innovation and collaboration across the investment value chain and driving sustainable growth towards a new era of prosperity in Africa.

Delegates will engage in insight led panels, thematic roundtables, closed-door sessions and curated networking, exploring how we collectively:

  • Envision: As key actors in the industry, how can we reimagine Africa’s future as a global powerhouse? What concrete actions can we take today to derive results in the next decade(s)?

  • Innovate: What is the role of investors, allocators and entrepreneurs in tackling bold problems, thinking differently about solutions design, and adopting a systems lens towards sustainability on the continent?