Pioneering Transformative Infrastructure Solutions

At ARM-Harith, our commitment to building strong economies and lasting prosperity in West Africa and beyond is embodied in our diverse and impactful range of infrastructure and energy projects. Through strategic focus and innovative solutions, we address critical needs in key sectors, contributing to the region’s sustainable development and growth.


With the mandate of a 12-year fund (extendable), we take a long-term perspective on our investments. We invest equity capital and occasionally mezzanine instruments in West African infrastructure assets for a significant minority stake. Our investments are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the projects, and our investors. The criteria we seek includes a provision of essential services to the community, long-term capital growth, the opportunity to obtain a dominant market position, and the potential to increase returns on equity.


We support infrastructure projects at an early development stage, working alongside sponsors from project conception through to construction. Leveraging our in-house industry and technical experts, we selectively offer project development capital prior to financial close for chosen projects in addition to financial structuring support to enhance the bankability of projects.


ARM-Harith supports infrastructure projects developed by:

  • Majority private sector entities
  • Majority public sector entities, provided that the private sector is responsible for developing and managing the public sector entity’s assets on a risk-sharing basis, including:
    • Special purpose vehicles or project companies
    • Private operating infrastructure companies
    • Privatised companies or companies that are about to be privatised, and where the Government has contractually committed to such privatisation
  • Pursuing a balanced investment strategy that targets inflation adjusted returns.
  • Investing in a balanced portfolio in Nigeria and West Africa

Focus Areas

At ARM-Harith, we channel our expertise and resources into specific focus areas, driving transformative impact and sustainable development across key sectors


Revolutionizing the way people and goods move, we undertake transformative projects that enhance connectivity and drive economic growth.


Powering progress with sustainable and reliable energy solutions, we play a pivotal role in shaping the region’s energy landscape.

Utilities Infrastructure

From water supply to essential utility networks, we build and maintain the critical infrastructure that forms the backbone of thriving communities.


Investing in sustainable infrastructure as a high impact asset class with potential for high quality returns

Delivering an optimal energy mix for grid-connected and commercial/industrial power requirements while incorporating distributed energy solutions for broad-reaching access.

Investing in infrastructure that is emissions mitigative and adaptive to climate change.

Opening markets, trade routes and scale for African products and services, leveraging on West Africa as a gateway.

Urban renewal for nodes of burgeoning population, consumption, and employment, as the major centres of economic activity.

The power of technology to scale products and services such as education, health, agriculture, logistics and much more, is underpinned by robust digital infrastructure.

Innovative capital solutions addressing long-term investment perspectives, local currency solutions, and risk & return allocation will be crucial to mobilizing increasing levels of capital into African Infrastructure.