ARM-Harith is building strong economies and lasting prosperity through pioneering, high-quality infrastructure and energy projects in West Africa and beyond, benefitting our investors, local communities, and the world.

ARM-Harith is a joint venture between Asset & Resource Management Holding Company (ARM) Limited, Nigeria’s largest non-bank financial services provider and Harith General Partners, a leading Pan-African infrastructure fund manager based in South Africa.

  • Azura Edo
  • Elektron Power Infracom
  • MainOne
  • Lekki Concession Company
  • AD Power HoldCo
  • The Four Points by Sheraton

Prime Meridian Docks

Socoprim - Henri Konan Bedie Bridge

Lake Turkana Wind


We invest in energy and infrastructure that enhances economies, generates employment, transforms communities, and protects future generations. Our experienced team identifies and structures projects in a broad range of sectors.


Clean Energy



Empowering Growth, Fostering Prosperity: Discover How ARM-Harith’s Investment Objectives Drive Sustainable Development and Financial Excellence in West Africa.

Clean Energy Solutions and Access

One of our primary investment objectives is to spearhead projects that provide sustainable energy solutions and improve access across Africa. By investing in diverse energy initiatives, we aim to not only address energy challenges but also contribute to the region’s economic development and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Climate Conscious Investments

ARM-Harith is committed to making climate-conscious investments that align with global sustainability goals. Our objective is to support projects that prioritize environmental responsibility, mitigate climate risks, and promote eco-friendly practices. Through these investments, we aim to create a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable future.

African Continental Free Trade

As proponents of economic integration, ARM-Harith actively seeks investment opportunities that align with the goals of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Our objective is to contribute to the growth and success of AfCFTA by investing in projects that facilitate trade, infrastructure development, and economic cooperation across borders. 

Shaping Sustainable African Opportunities